MixUp Activities in Buenos Aires

12 Dec

A few weeks ago I met Félix of MixUp, a program designed to bring foreigners and Argentinians together for intercultural activities and events. It’s a good idea because usually when you’re traveling to a new place for the first time, you mainly stick with other travelers or close friends. However, unless you are really outgoing or involved in a program that gets you involved with the locals, it can be hard to get to know some. Here’s some information on MixUp in case you’re ever interested in checking some of their events out.

*I’ll quickly point out that this isn’t just a plug, because I went to a couple of the activities myself, including a drum circle night and a boat party in Puerto Madero in which you could actually mingle with the regular porteños. This is their press release:

Program of Leisure and Cultural Exchange

Located in the suburban town of Bella Vista, 39 Kms from Buenos Aires, MixUp exchange program provides enjoyable and fun activities among local people.

The program includes TRF IN/OUT with A/C, Traditional Argentinian barbecue with a variety of gourmet products (appetizers, salads, red wine and desserts)

Tea Time: tea, coffee, fruit juice, cakes, homemade bread with “Dulce de Leche” and jam. Mate tasting.

Soccer | Swimming Pool | Ping Pong | Polo Bike | Table Soccer | Hammocks where you can relax.

Don’t miss a great day out of the city!

Schedule: Every Saturday – From 10 am to 7 pm – Subject to weather conditions.
Price AR$ 220.-

Other Activities

Madero Boat Parties by MixUp
Drum Parties
MixUp Town Trips (San Antono de Areco & Chascomus)
MixUp Beach Trips
MixUp Carnival Trips

You can email Félix for information at mixupexchange@gmail.com


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