Seeing Los Tormentos Perform Was Disrupted by a Tormenta, How Ironic

12 Dec

Yesterday was one of those simple days with few expectations or plans, yet which winds up being awesome and memorable. It actually wound up being a disaster, but after all of went down, the bad parts weren’t nearly enough to mar the experience. I started off by heading up to my buddy Brian’s place, La Casa Latina, in Palermo Hollywood. As soon as I walked in around 4 pm I was handed a drink and the music was turned up. There were four of us–Brian’s roommate Tonio, from Lima, Peru, his friend Daniel from outside Lima, and his other roommate Omar from Caracas, Venezuela. Sitting around and drinking in the afternoon might seem pretty depraved or low class to many, but it’s a common form of socializing in Latin America, and drinking steadily (though eventually into excess later on) throughout the day is not weird at all.

I got there just in time because the dark clouds on the horizon opened up and a monster storm came through. The house is small and has a retractable roof, so even though it was closed drops were still falling on us as we banged on drums, Brian played the guitar, and we improvised on randomness. I have no musical talent so I just tried to keep up with a homemade rattler. The rain coming inside from the roof suddenly backed up in the drain and we were watching as the apartment quickly flooded. Brian got right down to it and stuck his hand in the drain, thick among black matter, and fixed the problem. The men cheered as like cavemen, we solved a problem. This called for more beer with lemon, which allegedly was a cure to a hangover in the making.

The excitement of the day grew as we blasted the music and prepared for a concert from Los Tormentos, an Argentine surfer rock band which I’d never heard of before, but Omar said was the best in Argentina for that genre. They were going to play at Niceto Club just a few blocks away and it was a Jagermeister party, meaning they were going to give out free shots all night, asking for trouble. We paid to get in, got a few shots of the orange Jagermeister, and waited for the opening act, who were delayed. That didn’t seem all that odd.

The Jager went dry and in typical rip-off fashion, there was some excuse that we had to wait 30 minutes for it to get cold, but it was for the best anyway. Finally, after much delay, Los Tormentos went on. They started off strong to a packed house, but after two songs in the power suddenly went out in the entire block. We stood in the dark for a minute wondering if it was part of the act, and slowly people began to filter out into the street. As helpful as never, the staff at the bar said they had no idea what happened, had no responsibility, would not refund, or help in any way. We left but to add salt to the wound, it was cold, windy and raining. So in the end we didn’t see the show, but the day will still go down with me as a memorable one.


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