Otra Vez, Otro Quilombo

18 Dec

I should have known it was too good to be true when I thought I’d be moving into the new place next week with no trouble. This afternoon I got a text out of the blue from the girl who showed me the apartment that I was supposedly moving to in Palermo next week. Though a phone call would have been more appropriate for something like this, she said that they couldn’t rent me the room after all because the owner of the apartment just decided to sell the place. Even though I’d left a deposit already, she said I could come pick it up tomorrow, yet the return of the money doesn’t unscrew my situation. I was set to move next week and had obviously given enough warning to the people in charge of my current apartment.

So basically, that gives me one week to find a new apartment, and since it’s high season for tourism and I’m busy all the time at work while also working on several writing projects, it basically means that I’m with my back against the wall. I have already begun looking for a new place and will go tomorrow to Monserrat to look at an apartment, but the situation is bleak. At this point I’m so disappointed and frustrated with housing in Buenos Aires that I’m ready to just camp out in the street rather than go through it all again. It just seems like a reminder that nothing can go well or well enough for too long before the next disaster rolls along.


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