Crisis Averted

20 Dec

The last post was troublesome–I had just been given the terrible news that yet again my housing situation was falling through and it looked like I was going to wind up in a hostel by the end of the week unless I could find a new apartment immediately. Yet even while feeling bummed out over Saturday and Sunday, I couldn’t help the smile that came across my face when seeing the support that my friends were offering me. I posted a quick note in frustration on Facebook and suddenly messages came in with advice and suggestions. Even people I’d never met were offering a place to crash for a few days if need be.

I began the search for a new apartment quickly and yesterday went down to Monserrat. The neighborhood is on the other side of San Telmo but has a similar feel. As my friend Fernando from BA Cast put it, “it’s the perfect mix of centro and barrio.” The apartment was set up exactly like the first one I lived in in La Boca when I arrived almost a year and a half ago, and while it seemed okay, it was basically just that. It would suffice for a few weeks or a month maybe, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be thrilled living there. The neighborhood was comfortable and quiet with the sound of birds in trees and children playing in the street. I could see myself happy in Monserrat, but in the right apartment. The search continued.

Today at work my co-workers showed their support, and even though I was exhausted from sleeping badly and feeling lousy about the situation, help was offered which offset the general feel of despair. At the back of my mind I could at least take comfort in that no matter how uncomfortable it might be for a few days, weeks or a month, I wouldn’t be in a hostel. After leaving the office I went to check out a nice apartment in Palermo just a few blocks from where the other apartment was located. It was better than just okay and the guy told me he would let me know on Wednesday if it would work out. Oddly enough, while I was still at his place the girl from the other apartment gave me a call.

Apparently their contract was ending and the owner wanted to sell the apartment rather than renew the lease, which is why he gave such short notice to leave. But they talked to him and said they wanted to keep living there, so evidently he changed his mind and agreed to renew the lease. So now I find myself in limbo again, unsure if I should trust this owner who flip flops or go with the other place, contingent on being invited to live there. Wednesday will most likely be the day of reckoning, and that’s when I’ll have more news to report.

On another note, tomorrow night Dan and Fernando of BA Cast will be recording a live episode from Sugar Bar in Palermo on Costa Rica 4619 (y Armenia). If you’re in Buenos Aires and want to come down for cheap drinks and a chance to get on the air, give us a shout out.


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