To Further Confuse You On Where I Live

21 Dec

The apartment I saw yesterday was nice with an excellent location. It’s right in front of the Botanical Gardens and on the 13th floor, has a panoramic view from the east to the west. It’s not exactly a penthouse with the luxury that might bring out millionaires, but it was just what I was looking for. Still not totally furnished, the guy from Bariloche who studies and plays piano in the house seemed alright and like a good fit for me. It was a musical house, but also a place to relax and feel comfortable. I saw a mate sitting on the table and thought that this could work.

But as he was explaining the details on the place, I got a call from the previous apartment saying that they could let me back in, giving me something else to think about. Something about their new deal just didn’t feel right with me, and though I think it would be a far stretch to say they were trying to scam me, but the trust was definitely gone. It’s not a good way to start off a relationship in the apartment aside from everything else. Today I got an email from the guy at the other apartment saying he liked me and I was welcome to live there and move in on Sunday, the same day that I’d bee preparing to move in originally at the other place.

My friends gave me the same advice, and my mind was pretty much already made. In the end I decided to go with the new place rather than take a risk on a sketchy owner and a situation that could devolve once again. So now, as planned before, yet not according to plan, I’ll be moving to a new apartment on Sunday. This place will be close to where I once lived in Plaza Italia, and I’m interested in seeing how things have changed in the 5 months that I’ve been “gone”.


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