Settling In to the New Place

27 Dec

Last weekend took a toll on me, but it was highly worth the exhaustion it caused. After Friday’s Christmas Eve bash in the park that lasted until 7:30 am my body was pretty much destroyed lasting all the way up until now, and I’m still trying to recover. The ongoing heat wave isn’t helping any, and yesterday was the long-awaited move into the new apartment which I just found a week earlier. I’m a bit too tired now to go into details and haven’t got any photos yes, but I feel very comfortable and at ease here. On the 13th floor we have an incredible panoramic view of the city. Right in front of us to the east we have the Botanical Gardens, from the kitchen we can see to the domestic airport and the river, and from the laundry room as well as my bedroom we see far to the western horizon of Buenos Aires. It’s hot now but with the windows open we get a great breeze blowing in after the sun has gone down.

Sitting in the well-lit living room we have a few comfortable chairs, a baby grand piano and another electric piano. A bookshelf houses volumes and movies, while artwork adorns the walls. Little things like a bookshelf and some artwork makes the greatest difference between a house where someone lives and a place that someone rents out. It’s the kind of thing I’ve been looking for all along. When I came in yesterday I noticed that in my room there’s a print of a Salvador Dalí painting hanging up. He’s my favorite painter, and I immediately thought, “I’m going to like it here.”

My roommate Tomás is a concert pianist from Bariloche, which is why we have such a musical house. Yesterday I listened to him play for a bit and we talked for a bit before he headed out. He’s heading south for a month this week but a friend of his will be staying here while he’s gone, so we won’t really get to know each other for a while. But the most important thing is that I’m in my place, in my home, and I feel good. More photos need to be taped up and random things arranged, but for now, the biggest step is over.


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