Obligatory End of 2010 Post

30 Dec

I hate to say it, but 2010 kind of sucked, hard. I doubt you’ll take the time to do so, but if you go back through the archives you’ll see me complaining much more in 2010 than in 2009, and I’m afraid I’m giving myself a bad reputation. This was the meat of my time in Argentina, if you will. An entire year from start to finish away from home. It proved to be very difficult for various reasons which I don’t have the taste to get into right now. But basically, I’m glad this year is ending once and for all. Good riddance, 2010!

The year started off so strong with a visit to Mar del Plata, a trip to Patagonia with my parents, visits from friends and a new apartment too. But it all kind of unraveled for a while, and though hard times prevailed for the bulk of the year, I think we’re on an incline. 2011 looks like it has some potential, though I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch. The new apartment is working out great for the first week, and I didn’t even realize it but I live just a couple of blocks away from my friend Pablo. I’m hoping to take a trip to Bolivia and northwestern Argentina in April when the rainy season ends, and then there’s a long-awaited return to the United States and grad school to think about. But that’s a whole other bees nest that will take shape as time goes on.

I feel that with so many words and posts written through the 12 month span, it would be pointless to try to sum it all up in this one lonely essay. You can look out of your window and see a city with dusk just beyond the horizon, a faint blue glow still clinging to the western edges of town. The high rises in your way sprinkle little dots and squares of lights across your view, and just like each of those lights houses a different home, family, life–every day of this year and every story that I have covered has been a unique view into my life in Argentina. No one story is the defining moment, and while some issues were certainly bigger than others, no bad experience outweighs the good or vice versa. Yet they all come together to create a story, a history of my life in Argentina throughout the year 2010, which for better or worse has happened and is now nearly over. It’s there, in history, and it’s over. Now we can move on and try to look at what happened and continue onwards, always looking for the next story, the next adventure, the next whatever.

Just as you’ll never truly dim all of the lights out of an entire city, you’ll never erase the stories which you’ve written, because once read and entered into a reader’s brain, they form the potential to linger forever, long after papers fade, computers kick the bucket and wrinkled fingers stop typing. Maybe this is too much prose, but the smell of simmering onions and zucchini have my mind getting awfully flowery, so it’s time for me to get going. Happy New Year, and see you in 2011!


One Response to “Obligatory End of 2010 Post”

  1. Natalie - Turkish Travel Blog December 31, 2010 at 2:55 am #

    Happy new year Jon. May 2011 be better for you.

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