Beard Week in Buenos Aires

6 Jan

Not officially, but I’ve given myself a new project of “Operation Soberbeard,” if for nothing else than to keep busy with something. I’ve just totally lost the urge to shave and at the same time decided to cut back on drinking, so here was the resolution, if you will. For as long as I could go without drinking I would go without shaving, and as long as I could go without shaving, I’d go without drinking. Any misconduct on one end would mean disqualification of the other. Ironically, you would think that sobering up would involve shaving and hitting the bottle would cause you to forget about being clean-shaven. However, Operation Soberbeard has proven quite difficult, and there has been much more emphasis on the beard than the sober part.

This doesn’t mean that I’m getting loaded every night, but I’m not totally cut off from the nightlife as I was imagining. Turns out it’s a lot harder than it seems, especially in Buenos Aires. Penalties must be incurred, so instead of rocking a castaway beard, I’ve been steadily trimming away as the days have gone by. We started with a full beard until Sunday when I shaved the bottom and left from the Adam’s apple up covered. A couple of days later and I cut down to just the chin, shaving away the neck beard. This gives me a frighteningly similar look to my dad, and though the girls keep telling me I look good with the facial hair, I keep cutting away.

It’s interesting having the beard, but since this is my first one, it still feels so foreign on my face. It’s almost too much. Especially since it’s the summer and the extra hair is just making me hotter. Tonight I shaved again, this time narrowing my cheeks down to a chin strap with the goatee and mustache, though I did a pretty bad job on it and will most likely get mocked for it tomorrow. As it is, they’ve started to call me “barbacoa” at the office. (Barbacoa means barbecue, but barba is the word for beard.)

I might leave it up for another day or too, but I think by next week the beard will be over and gone. But fear not, laziness will no doubt hit again, so maybe by winter I’ll have a new bearded project.


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