Buenos Aires Fills Back Up in February

3 Feb

Now that January is over, the city has filled back up with porteños who had gone on vacation to the coast. This year saw a record number of tourists to the coast, and those of us who had to stick around to work in the city got through it by enjoying how empty the city was. Traffic was essentially non-existent and the subway worked like a dream with no strikes or overcrowding. Now that we’re back to normal, we have crowded subways and the heat and stink of rush hour. But for the moment it hasn’t been as bad as last year. In fact, while the winter back in the United States is unbearable and miserable, the summer has been fair and pleasant in Buenos Aires aside from a few heat waves. They’re also saying that February is going to be unseasonably chillier and with less rain. So all things considered, it could be worse.


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