A First Attempt at Making Homemade Pizza

13 Feb

Pizza, pizza

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend was a first attempt at making homemade pizza. Just to clarify so that no one accuses me of lying later on, I didn’t do much of the cooking at all. In fact, I pretty much only participated by cleaning and eating. Though I’m a Whiz when it comes to making the pre-pizzas, this homemade pizza was prepared by my Colombian friend Yerly. Together with another Colombian friend, Jeimy, and her boyfriend, Yerly prepped some flour while the rest of us cut up onions, red peppers, and prepared the ham and cheese.

Making the homemade pizza wasn’t too much work, but required several steps and important measurements. At one point we needed more water for the dough and we soon went from having not enough to having way too much. This meant that we had to make up for it by throwing on more flour occasionally while Yerly mashed it together. Yet since we ran out of the other flour, we had to use wheat, resulting in what would eventually be cookie-like pizza crust.

Preparing the dough

We started cooking at maybe 4 pm when we were already starving from not eating lunch, and since it’s sort of a process, you might want to consider doing so earlier on in the day or having your dough ready. Next came the flattening of the doughy ball, resulting in two square (I’m not sure how they wound up square) pizzas. Before long we pulled them out of the oven and let the lava-hot cheese burn our mouths. The pizza was good even though the crust was a bit rough, but all things considered, for a first time making homemade pizza, we didn’t do too badly. Let’s say it was something like a 7.5 out of 10. But still, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of trying a new recipe and getting food that you can swallow with ease.

Yet after all of that work we agreed that next time we would simply go with a pre-pizza.

The end result!


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