Attack of the Liver!

17 Feb

Don’t run for the hills just yet. I’m feeling better today, though the morning got off to a very slow start. I got to work feeling a bit tired and soon a mild headache developed, but in comparison to how I’d felt the two prior days, it wasn’t anything too serious. The theory from my co-workers is that I have an “ataque al hígado,” or liver attack, or something along those lines. I’ve tried searching for a translation into English of something similar using the symptoms and all, but I can’t find a thing. If you know what it might be let me know. They were all convinced that it had to do with my diet and yelled at me for not eating well enough.

I maintain that I try to eat well, though it’s hard on a budget and not entirely varied. Especially when you look at last weekend in which I only ate pasta and pizza. I get yelled at for eating a sandwich most of the time for lunch, despite my claims that back in the States a sandwich is a standard lunch. The “liver attack” comes from eating something bad, or in this case not eating well enough, say my friends at work. I need to take better care of my body and not just balance meals with running. Apparently I need more variety and vegetables.

Here’s what I was recommended to eat until Monday or Tuesday:

-Chicken breast (skinless) with no sauces, baked

-Boiled carrots, potatoes, pumpkin and squash

-White rice

-Pasta with no sauce

-Apples, crackers with cheese

-No sugar, jams, butter, bananas, grapes, plums, cold cuts, bread, red peppers or onions

Of course, being in Argentina I was told that I need to eat more meat, but also more chicken, lentils and soy. I started tonight by buying some fresh squash and preparing it in the oven with just some olive oil, cheese and lemon juice while grilling chicken with nothing but a bit of lemon juice. I don’t mind the change in the diet, and I was pleased with how well the squash came out. This requires more money and time, however, which is going to be tough to manage as I find my schedule getting busier and busier. Now that I have a running team on Tuesdays and Thursdays it really cuts down on the time I have to make a good dinner those nights, though I can try to make the food before the class and eat it afterward.

I was really trying to go to the class tonight but since my friends at work essentially threatened to kill me if I went, and I have a big birthday party coming up on Saturday, I decided to bite the bullet and wait it out until Tuesday. Resting last night and tonight will hopefully give me enough time to freshen up the body and pass through this attack of the liver. In any case, I feel no stomach or liver pains and can only go by the word of those who have had experience with this sort of thing.


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