Fingers Crossed for Chile…and the DNI

21 Mar

This week is a short one with Thursday and Friday as national holidays. On Thursday Argentina will celebrate a remembrance day for the military dictatorship of the 80s and Friday is a bridge to promote tourism. I’m taking the advantage of the early fall long weekend to go to Chile. While I thought that I’d originally just be going back to Santiago or even to the Colchagua Valley, my friend Nicole surprised me by saying that she had found an incredibly cheap flight to La Serena, a small city in the Coquimbo region about 450 kilometers north of Santiago.

The U$30 flight was too good to be true, and since a beach house awaits, on Friday we’ll be driving up to La Serena and on Sunday morning I’ll fly back to Santiago and then back to Buenos Aires. This will be a new place for me to visit in Chile, so I don’t mind, especially since it’s still summer-like weather there. Though the water is always cold in Chile, we’ll be able to go to the beach and just relax, which is what I need. Desperately. I still have another month to go until my long vacation, so this long weekend needs to hold me over until then.

The only problem that’s surfacing is transit in Argentina. We got lucky with the proposed transit strike canceled for today, but just as we dodged one bullet, another flew at us. All of a sudden today the control towers at the airports in Buenos Aires lost contact, and every flight From Ezeiza International Airport, Jorge Newbery Domestic Airport and San Fernando Airport has been suspended. Estimates initially said they could be up and running again by 9 pm, or suspended for another 48 hours. All I can hope is that this mess gets cleared up before Thursday.

Until then, this week finds me busy as usual, occupying part of my time with my DNI again. Today I went back to the Registro de las Personas to pick up my birth certificate, and tomorrow I’ll have to take it back to the Registro Civil so they can mail it all back to the Registro de las Personas. The woman in the office today was kind but didn’t give me much confidence as she said they’ll probably wind up rejecting it again without a signature on the bottom. I’m going to need a lot of luck this week.


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