A Forever Lost Blog Post

22 Mar

Earlier today I wrote what I thought to be a really good post about the New York Times announcing that they were going to begin charging for readers to access their Web site, www.nytimes.com. I wrote about how I felt as a writer and someone with a degree in journalism, but also as someone with little money kicking around to pay for a monthly subscription. But no sooner than I had finished this piece did the Word document suddenly close due to an error. I’ve never seen anything like that happen, and it wasn’t even recovered. I lost everything.

I considered writing it again, but the words weren’t the same, and there’s no point in trying to make a watered down Plan B. Just know that it would have been a thinkpiece on why you should have to pay for good reporting. I’m pretty steamed that I lost that post, in the meantime. Technology 1. Jon 0.


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