Fighting Food Poisoning

31 Mar

At some point in my trip to Chile I became ill with food poisoning, though it didn’t hit me until I came back to Buenos Aires. It could have been from eating a lot of shellfish while on the coast, or it could be from what I think was bad food at the airport. In any case, I haven’t felt right since Sunday night, and anyone who’s ever had food poisoning can imagine that it’s an uncomfortable feeling. I’ve had stomach pains, vomited early Monday morning, and have been weak and not my usual self.

The food poisoning has caused me to lose my appetite and eat very little, while putting running on hold and trying to rest up. I’ve been getting by the last few days on a steady diet of soup, bland crackers and water, tea and occasionally Gatorade. Yesterday I felt a bit better, though today I slid backwards. I’ve done some reading online and listened to friends here, and it seems like I have to force myself to eat normal food again, slowly anyway. It’s important to get some meat into my body, so I’ve started with chicken yesterday for lunch and again today.

Tonight I’m going to try running a little with the team, simply because I don’t want to fall out of my training. I’ve signed up for the Carrera de Miguel on Sunday, and though it’s only 8 kilometers this year, I want to be well prepared. I did this race last year when it was a 10k, but I’m looking at it as a training run for the FILA 10k which I’ll run in on April 17th. By this point my body should have had sufficient resting time, and now I have to get back out there and move again. The weather has been fair this week as we ease into the fall, and I want to take as much advantage of this weather as I can while it’s still available.


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