I’ve Got a Golden Ticket

7 Apr

Today I finally did the unthinkable, something I’ve kept out of my mind since arriving in Argentina in August, 2009. I bought a plane ticket home. Back to Boston, where family and friends await anxiously, and have been waiting for two and a half years, really. It’s about time I cut them some slack, so without keeping them on their toes any longer, I’ve now got a set date on my return to my home country: July 12th, 2011, D-Day, landing on the shores of East Boston.

I was all set to go to a travel agency near the office and purchase the tickets I had investigated yesterday after Vero passed me a special deal for travel agencies. It was the cheapest deal I was able to find around, though it would only get me in to New York. From there I’d have to either by another flight to Boston or take the bus, an option that wasn’t appealing but cheaper nonetheless. Yet it was a last minute change of plans as my dad emailed me some deal on 60% off airfare from another travel agency in the U.S. I don’t know how he got it but I looked into it and found a flight from Buenos Aires to Miami, Miami to Boston. It worked out to something like $50 more expensive, but gets me right into Boston, which in the end is easier and aside from the bus fare, probably cheaper.

The date wasn’t exactly picked arbitrarily–my birthday is in late July and I want to spend it at home as I’ve missed the last two outside of the country. My parents will be away until July 11th and thus I’m leaving on July 11th, landing on the 12th. The idea was to wait nearly as long as possible in Argentina to make the most of my time here, but I’m leaving my job on June 30th, and I’ve been away long enough. The idea is now to make the most of the time at home as possible. I also need to head down to Washington D.C. earlier on to find an apartment and get settled before starting the challenge of grad school.

It’s still kind of weird to think of it as so official. There was the idea long ago of returning in the winter, but without a notion of exactly when. Having the tickets in hand makes the calendar seem much shorter. A week here melts off the calendar and before I know it I’ll be on vacation for two weeks, returning for a couple of months and then, chau. I told my friends at the office and was mostly met with the “good, get out” response, telling me that I might be missed. But I don’t want to think of it as a goodbye forever. Especially because it’s a round trip ticket. I very arbitrarily picked a date in early September because still in the down season, the ticket would be cheaper.

I need to look into it when I return to the States, but if I can change the ticket for a fairly minimal fee, I’ll push it back as far as I can, either to December or January, Spring Break, or after classes end in May. It’d be nice to come back to Buenos Aires to visit my friends, eat a couple of steaks, and maybe visit a place like Bariloche. Of course, that all depends on how broke I am and if I have an internship lined up. Ideally I’ll get a job in D.C. which will allow me to save a tiny bit of money for something like travel. And maybe I’ll get an internship in Latin America.

For now, you’ve been warned. Posts to come might start to get more reflective or have a “wrapped up” feel to it. It’s only natural, but not entirely intentional. I hope you’ll leave comments on what you think of it all.


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