The System is Definitely Down

16 Apr

It seems like some kind of conspiracy theory, but no matter where I go in this country, the system will always be down. Take this week, for example. I started off on Monday with the server at work crashing to start off the day. I called for tech support, who told me they’d be there in two hours. Just as well that they never showed up because the server eventually came back, but it happens frequently enough that it’s not surprising when it doesn’t work.

On Wednesday I went to the U.S. Embassy and even though things seemed to be in working order there, their system was also down, causing me to come back to pick up my passport the next day. I couldn’t help but find it funny that even the embassy couldn’t get it right. But hey, mistakes happen and networks go down. Yet again, on Friday I went to the Registro Civil for the 20th time (literally) to check and see if my DNI had been processed yet.

Surprise, surprise, the system at the Registro Civil was down, and I was told to come back and check on Monday. It’s laughable, and I’m so numb to any kind of ridiculous situation that on Monday they could tell me that a dog just ate my DNI and I wouldn’t bat an eye.

In other news, I have a big day coming up tomorrow. In the morning I’ll be running in the FILA 10k in Palermo, an early morning race that’s a bit farther away than usual. Then in the afternoon, I will FINALLY cross one off of my list in Buenos Aires and go to a game in La Boca. The Boca Juniors will be playing Tigre at 4 pm, and I was able to find tickets for $150 pesos, which is about as cheap as you’ll be able to find. I’m going to take my camera, but I’ll also be sitting in the General section, so as long as I don’t get robbed (a possibility) I’ll post pictures and/or video after.

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