Back in Buenos Aires

8 May


The vacation is over now, and this morning I returned to my home in Buenos Aires. It was a long two weeks but I thoroughly enjoyed each part of the adventure through southwestern Bolivia and northwestern Argentina. It’s odd to be back here in BA so soon, though the start of the trip feels like a lifetime ago. The amount of people I met, the number of snow-capped peaks I’ve seen and the stories to tell go beyond what I can remember off of the top of my head. But noting that I haven’t updated the blog since the day I left means that there are so many things to recount. This will take some time.

Normally while traveling and writing at the same time, you find yourself giving a step by step account of what you have just seen and done. It’s more of a journal form than story telling, though I find that it’s also an effective means of telling a tale. Yet so much time has passed since Day 1 that it would be pointless to try to go through and tell each day as if it were fresh. Instead, I’m going to be presenting several vignettes, or little slices of life from the trip. A story about the border crossing, riding in the desert at high altitude, or whatever else–these are the things you can expect to read about my vacation. It’s not just words either–I took over 700 pictures (though many have been deleted as duplicates or poor quality photos), in addition of a lot of video from the Bolivian excursion. The videos will take much more time to develop and produce than the writing portion, but they will be there soon enough. The trick is to get it out while the memories are still fresh within me.

So starting today you’re going to be able to learn about southwestern Bolivia, northwestern Argentina, and a trip of a lifetime that was truly an adventure into the wild. Stay tuned.

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