June Means One Month Left…EEP!

1 Jun

Today is June 1st, and that means that I have one month left at my job here. On the 30th I’ll finish working in the travel agency where I have been spending a large potion of my life in the last two years. It’s always an obvious thing to say that it’s “hard to believe it’s already been X amount of time”, but there are other factors that make this change difficult. I’m coming up close to my exit date from Argentina, which will follow shortly after my last day of work, and then it’s going to be a total change, culture shock, upheaval, etc.

With the last month or so I want, no—need, to make the most of what I’ve come to love and appreciate in Buenos Aires. The friends I’ve made here (though it wasn’t always easy) have become incredibly important to me, and I don’t just consider them as friends from Buenos Aires, but friends, if you understand the difference. I hold them in the same circle as friends back home who I’ve known for years. Leaving them will be tough, and maybe more so than leaving the friends and family back home when I left for Ecuador in late August, 2008. At that point, I knew that I would be home soon enough and see them again. This time around, however, it’s like leaving equally important friends and honestly not knowing when I’ll see them again. It’s a brave new world.

Despite all of the ups and downs in my short two year life in the capital of Argentina, I’m already bouncing back and forth from a wide range of emotions which change on a whim like the weather here. One second I think about my homecoming and how nice it will be to drive around back home listening to music in the summer heat, and a smile breaks across my face inexplicably to the people who pass by me. But then I look at a friend and notice that today they ironed their hair, a once every couple of months change of pace, and that this might be the last time I see that. It’s a bit of a downer.

It’s a cold time to be trying to make the most of the city, because while during the summer you’re more likely to want to be out and doing things, in the winter you just want to bundle up and watch some movies at home. Either way, I’ll need to go ahead and deal with it so I can leave Buenos Aires on a high note, while also enjoying myself before starting a two year Masters program and following that up with paying off student loans for decades and decades. I’m short on time in many ways.

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