The Effects of the Ash Cloud Over Buenos Aires

9 Jun

It’s been a weird week with fallout from the Puyehue volcano in southern Chile beginning to spew out ash, reaching all the way to Buenos Aires twice this week. Today the situation was a bit worse, with flights out of both Buenos Aires airports canceled throughout the entire day. More than 300 flights were canceled throughout the country as a result.
This isn’t exactly a state of emergency. Try to erase any image of “Dante’s Peak” that you might have in your head. When I woke up this morning to an ashy sky it seemed like a snow storm was on the way, but it was way too warm for that to be the case. Working in a travel agency, we have been staying on top of the case even though it’s down season. So far it’s already made our lives a bit miserable, as several flights out in the next few days hang in the balance.
Things are normal in the streets, except for the fact that everything just seems dirtier, and if you run your hand on the surface of a car or window you’ll come away with the grime of volcanic ash. Allegedly the winds are beginning to shift, and maybe in the next day or two the volcanic ash will move to the Chilean side. Hopefully, no more flights in or out of Buenos Aires need to be canceled.

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