X-Men 4 and Argentina

12 Jun

Yesterday I went with my friend Yerly to the Abasto Shopping Mall to see X-Men: First Class, the 4th installment of X-Men movies to come out from Marvel. I’m not a huge fan of comic book movies, but have gotten to like each X-Men movie more and more. I hated the first one, can’t remember the second well, liked the third one, and loved this latest movie. One of the coolest aspects of this movie is that they explained (at least in a revisionist way) the beginnings of the X-Men, weaving in historical events with superhero activities. I was entertained throughout the entire movie.

One part of the movie which was particularly funny, however, was a goof on the movie. At one point in the movie, the character Erik goes to Argentina, and of all places to Villa Gessel. Any Argentine can tell you that Villa Gessel is a small beach village on the Atlantic coast frequented by younger generations. Yet in the movie Villa Gessel is shown with a Swiss Alp background: towering snow-capped mountains and a little cottage in the hills. Everyone in the audience began to laugh and moan, embarrassed at how Hollywood screwed it up. It could have been any place in the Lake District like Bariloche or Villa La Angostura, but for whatever reason someone picked a tiny beach and used it incorrectly.

Ironically, I checked IMDB and the studio tried to cover it up by saying they can take creative license because X-Men exist in a parallel universe. Here’s what they say:

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: When Erik goes to Villa Gessel (Argentina) looking for Shaw what is seen is a landscape of mountains and a Swiss colony look to Villa Gessel, but actually Villa Gessel is in the coast of Argentina, located in Buenos Aires, and is a beach town without mountains or that Swiss colony style. However as this is a parallel “Marvel” universe it is entirely possible Villa Gessel could be located elsewhere.

AKA, they’re covering their asses. Aside from that, the movie was great and I’d recommend going to see it.

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