Sit Back and Relax

13 Jun

Yesterday was a weird one in that I spent most of it in bed. I wasn’t sick and I wasn’t necessarily hungover, but rather just exhausted and in need of some down time. Generally, even after a long night out until sunrise, I still throw myself out of bed by 12-1 pm. I don’t like to sleep to late into the afternoon and then screw up my sleep for that night, and I try to be as active as possible. Whether it’s running, going for a walk somewhere or meeting up with friends, I have always wanted to make the most of my time here. Over time, however, that need has diminished.

It took me about six months to slowly see the main tourist attractions in Buenos Aires, mostly because I was working so much that I had to spread it out, and also because I knew I was going to be here for a long time and thus went slowly to take it all in. Later I would double up on things I’d already done, and while I spent the first year and a half here painstakingly looking for friends to hang out with on the weekend, I would often wander around on my own, either walking down new streets or going to a plaza to sit and read. Enough time went by so that in the spring of last year (October-November, 2010) I could usually find something going on. And slowly, laziness set in.

It’s natural because the longer you live in a place the more likely you are to take it for granted. I didn’t want to run around the city all day on a weekend, and didn’t have the energy either. The full work week, plus going out on weekends and running wore me out. I wouldn’t say I’ve gotten into a vegetative state, but I’m more open to just sitting around at home now. Buenos Aires is another one of those cities where you can get lost in, and then longer you stay there the more you get into your routine and life. If I had no plan of leaving I would definitely get nestled in and eventually get in a hole making it hard to leave. It’s not just an expat life, but a regular life too.

Having done all or most of the touristic things and figured out a sort of routine, I allow myself to take more time in just sitting in bed on a Saturday morning or hanging around on a Sunday afternoon. Not only is it colder outside, but it’s nice to feel like I can just sit around lazily and recuperate after the week. It’s the same thing I would have done back home, and I can remember spending hours in front of the TV on a weekend rather than doing things around town. This tells me that I’ve settled into a “local” sort of life. I stayed in bed on Sunday until 4 pm watching movies even though it was a beautiful day. It hurts me to waste time like that, especially on a nice day in the late fall, but sometimes you need to do it.

The only thing to be careful about is that now with less than a month in Buenos Aires, I need to make the most of my time here and be as active as possible without getting exhausted. I want to eat out, enjoy the company of my friends and visit the places I loved here. It will definitely be a packed month.

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