Buenos “The Ashtray” Aires

16 Jun

It seems like the ash cloud hovering over Buenos Aires has started to dissipate enough for flights to resume in and out, though the weather has far from improved. This week has been downright disgusting after a beautiful weekend, with overcast, humid and rainy days. Last night a thunderstorm brought in the kind of rain that stays around consistently and today is no different. But all things considered, at least airplanes can take off again.

Other parts of the country aren’t so lucky, however. Bariloche and Villa La Angostura, for example, have been so affected by the volcano’s eruption that classes remain canceled and electricity comes and goes. There are also concerns about the potable water and how long they’ll be cut off for. No one really knows just how long it will continue like this. Yesterday I saw a video of Lake Nahuel Huapi, normally bright blue and beautiful, but now completely covered in ash and looking like ripples of sand against a grey sky. It’s obviously going to affect tourism in the Lake District for a long time.

Apart from the ash cloud hovering over Buenos Aires, you’ll now find that there’s a bit less ash in the streets, at least in theory anyway. As of a couple of days ago a new law was put in effect, essentially banning cigarette smoke anywhere indoors or in public places throughout the country. Go into any bar or club in the city and you’ll definitely find people smoking, so this law will probably take a while to catch on, but there are harsher fines now for those caught, including the owners of the establishments. Argentina has taken another step to improving the health and well-being of its citizens.

Here’s what Lake Nahuel Huapi looks like now:

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