After the River Plate Riots

27 Jun

In the wake of yesterday’s River Plate soccer riot, it seems like the city has gotten some international attention. Once again, it looks like Argentine hooligans have taken control of the streets and mocked the sport, but though many were hurt and injured (68 hurt and 50 arrested), it’s probably not the worst riot that this city has ever seen because of soccer. Damage was certainly caused, but I think what hurts everyone more is the shock of River Plate getting relegated to the B League. As my friend Fer said he read on Twitter, you can expect the death of a parent, sibling, etc, but you do NOT expect River to get relegated. It’s the unthinkable.

Now the higher ups are saying that this was about 300 hooligans who caused the damage and they’re looking for arrests. Still, more preventative measures are being considered for the future, especially concerning the Copa América tournament which Argentina hosts this year.

In other news, Argentina is now facing a polar cold front, with temperatures this morning below 0º Celsius in some parts. This cold is expected to last all week, though it will hardly end. Experts say this will be one of the coldest winters on record for Buenos Aires and the possibility of snowfall for the first time in 2007 is high. Seeing as how I hate the cold and am always complaining about it (despite being from Boston), my trip to Rio de Janeiro couldn’t come at a better time.

On Saturday night I’ll be leaving for Brazil for the first time, and though I’ll only be there four nights, I’m sure it will just be a taste for a future trip (or trips). The only part where it gets complicated is that tomorrow I need to go to the Brazilian Embassy to apply for an expensive visa, which I was hoping to avoid with the arrival of my DNI. However, the DNI hasn’t been delivered yet, so I’m left with no choice but the pay the $617 (U$140) visa fee that we likewise charge Brazilians who want to enter the U.S. It’s only fair.

My last day of work is Thursday, and then it’s just a short leg until it’s back to the United States.

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