Back in the United States After 2 Years

14 Jul

On Tuesday night after two years in Argentina, my friend Matias accompanied me to the airport and I left Buenos Aires on an overnight flight bound for Miami. I spent the last day with my friend Amy, rushing around trying to exchange money and finalize packing. Later we met up with my friend Yerly and walked around for a final slice of pizza. The weather was spectacular for the winter and all things considered, it couldn’t have ended on a better day. I had kind of expected to get choked up or tear up on my way out with the final goodbyes, but was surprised when nothing happened. I even spent a lot of time reflecting on the last couple of days, but nothing got me to the point of weeping. I suppose I was ready to go home, at least for a while.

Two years is a very long time, and upon arriving to Miami I smiled with the anticipation of finally not being a foreigner. Yet in Miami International Airport I still had to speak in Spanish and was still surrounded by Argentinians. There I was, expecting to hear English and suddenly all I heard was “boludo” this and “boludo” that. I was exhausted from the last few days in Argentina and the long, mostly sleepless flight, so I passed out for most of the Miami to Boston portion. Yet once we landed in Logan International Airport, the song “Dirty Water” entered my head and I felt right. Things looked as they’d always looked outside of my window.

The reunion with my parents was nice, and as we drove out of the city and into the suburbs I was able to see many of the landmarks I had always seen as a child. Some things were different, and occasionally I’d be told about something that had changed while I was gone. My brother and sister were waiting as we pulled into the house, and then the tour of the house began. It was like being a guest almost, because so many things have changed that it almost doesn’t feel like the place I grew up in. It’s of course the same house and many things are exactly the same, but two years have changed this house. There’s also something to be said about coming home after a long time away and not feeling as you did when you left. Likewise, the other people and things in your life won’t be the same either.

I’ve been incredibly busy so far, from cleaning out the junk my mom has piled up in my room to running around to the bank and seeing old friends. A lot of people have been asking me if I’m going to be continuing the blog, and the answer is of course yes. The theme will obviously slightly change, and though I am no longer an expat, for a time this blog will focus on a recently returned expat. In time, I’ll move to Washington DC and then will explore a new city. Just as Buenos Aires was a new experience that I discovered, Washington will offer me new opportunities and stories which I will share with you. Continue to check back in for updates on what I’m doing at home and how the transition is going.

2 Responses to “Back in the United States After 2 Years”

  1. The Travel Chica July 15, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    Welcome home! I’m interested to see how things go over the next few weeks.

    • Jon July 15, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

      Thanks! I’ll be doing my best to keep everyone up to date while I balance a million things I need to take care of. And I’m going to continue writing once I get to Washington DC too.

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