27 Hours in Cape Cod

4 Aug

East Dennis, Cape Cod

Crossing over the Sagamore Bridge and entering Cape Cod, you can start to feel a bit more relaxed in knowing that you’re about to enter a vacationland with beaches and laid back vibe. Unless you have weekend traffic which is common in the summer, you can pass by the Cape towns fairly quickly, arriving to your destination with ease. Yesterday I left for the town of Dennis, on the northern arm of the Cape, about half way up the extension of land. My friend Elyse is living with her grandpa for the summer there, just a short walk to the beach, and I went up to catch up with her and see the Cape for the first time in about four years.

Getting in early in the afternoon, we headed to the town of Hyannis, famous for its quaint center with shops and restaurants, as well as beautiful waterfront properties. Elyse and I window shopped a bit and then settled on some ice cream, eventually driving back to the house to go to the beach. Cape Cod is heavily settled by summer vacationers who either have second homes or rent for a few days or weeks, but you often have to drive pretty far to get places. There are restaurants, bars, and mini golf courses in certain spots, but if you’re not near those you might have to drive for a half hour.

Hyannis, Cape Cod

The weather wasn’t working with us as it was a bit chillier over the last two days, but I still went into the water for a bit. We walked along the beach and watched the many hermit crabs scurrying along as the tide pulled out by sunset. For entertainment at night we hit up the local restaurant and bar where Elyse works, and I got my first bowl of New England Clam Chowder in at least four years. It didn’t let me down, and after I ate we watched a local band play some hits.

Today was more laid back as we were tired from the night out, but we made it back to the beach eventually and I burned up badly without any sunblock on. I now look like a lobster, even though I didn’t get to eat any on the trip. I’m back home in Sharon now, resting up before the next outing. Tomorrow I’m headed back to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play, again for the first time in over four years. My friend Fish is treating me to the game, and though I was planning on heading to Amherst on Sunday afternoon, that has been scratched for a possible trip to the beach instead.

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