Winding Down in Boston

21 Aug

It’s been fun and refreshing to be back in the Boston area these last few weeks, but alas, it’s time to move on yet again. I know I always say I can’t believe how quickly the time goes by, but yet again I’m amazed at how fast things have moved. I spent a good five weeks or so at home and traveling around the upper east coast, I’ve got to head down to Washington D.C. to move into a new apartment and start graduate school. I’m not going to lie–I’m not totally thrilled about moving down to the capital, and I’ve heard mixed reports that some people love living there while others hate it. We’ll see how it goes for me as I adjust to a new kind of life.

It won’t be easy to get back into student life, especially since I’ll be trying to find a job at the same time, but I believe that there’s value in going back for a Masters degree, and hopefully this will be a way for me to get back to working with Latin America in a more stable platform. My time back home has been sweet and I wouldn’t have changed it, though I’d love to have been able to visit some more friends I couldn’t see and see others more frequently. I think it was the perfect amount of time to rest up and regroup, because while I was so busy for the majority of the time back, there were only a couple of days in which I started to itch with boredom and feel idle. There’s a lot to take care of after three years, after all.

For my last weekend here, I spent Friday in the area with my old time friends Scott and Fish. On Saturday I headed into the city to meet up with my friend Dave from UMass and we went to the Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition off of the ICA building in the harbor. I got a lobster sandwich, we walked probably three miles through the city and even played some Frisbee in Boston Common. It was a nice way to cap off a summer at home. Tomorrow I’ve got to finish off the packing and load up the car, and on Tuesday morning at 6 am I’m heading down to Washington with my parents. On the road again…

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