Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Move-Ins, Oh My!

28 Aug

This last week has been a bit of a rush and that’s why you haven’t seen too many updates from me, save for a handful of Tweets. I’m sorry about that, but unfortunately I’ve just moved into my new apartment in Washington DC and won’t have Internet installed until next Saturday. There’s nothing I can do about it, but I’ll see if I can do a few posts from the library during the week. It’s a shame too, because this transitional period is so crucial to understand what it’s like for a returned expat to change locations yet again, especially for one who is about to begin graduate studies.

Backtracking on everything to happen since Tuesday morning would be irrelevant by now, and most of the major stories have already come to you via mainstream news, so I’ll just give a quick run down of what the transfer to Washington has been like. On Tuesday afternoon my parents and I rolled into town at about 1:50 pm, just at the 5.8 earthquake hit. Yet we had no idea, because as we were in the car trying to find the hotel, we couldn’t feel the vibrations. Once we pulled into the valet area at the hotel we saw people evacuating and were told an earthquake has just hit. This was my welcome to a new city, and with such a powerful entrance, there would have to be a follow up.

Still not 100% sure if the deal was going down or not, I showed up at the rental office at 8:30 am on Wednesday to sign my lease, got the keys and moved into my new apartment in Glover Park, between American University and Georgetown University. It actually couldn’t have worked out better because once I dropped everything off in the small studio room I went for an interview for a position with the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. As a research assistant, I’ll be able to actively engage in work on economic studies, learn about the trends and predictions for educational needs and health care concerns, and take part in a critical process in Washington. It will be the perfect complement to my foreign policy studies, and is only a few blocks from home.

My parents and I headed to IKEA and bought just about everything I’d need: a couch, desk, table, TV stand, etc. Soon the room was filled with boxes which turned into furniture, reluctantly of course, because for anyone who’s ever put together something from IKEA, you know that it’s a love/hate relationship. My parents had to leave a day early because of extenuating circumstances, namely Hurricane Irene, which has threatened the entire eastern seaboard. Raining hard as it did, it wasn’t exactly the worst storm I’ve ever seen, and I even walked down to my friend Ben’s apartment to watch a movie last night. On the walk back up it was merely drizzling and I didn’t even need the umbrella. It was damp, but nothing requiring a boat.

Orientation at American University has come and gone, and though overwhelming as it was, I already feel privileged to have advisors and professors who seem so passionate and interested in their work. My classes begin on Tuesday, and once that happens my ability to write frequently will most likely become more difficult, yet I’m still planning on proceeding with this blog and am even interested in expanding into writing about the things I’m learning from my classes, if for nothing else than to educate those who haven’t taken the kinds of courses I’m soon to engage in. Stay tuned for more.

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