The Internet is Back

3 Sep

Washington DC at Night

After moving into my apartment in Glover Park a week and a half ago, cable and Internet were finally installed this morning. It’s a shame that I couldn’t give little updates on the first week or so in Washington, but I’ve actually jumped right into my studies and have been awfully busy. Over the last three years I’ve lived sporadically without Internet or cable, so it wasn’t too painful to go a short period without it, but it did prove difficult when I needed to use the Internet for assignments.

Aside from Journalism, my other major in college was History, so I’m used to having to read large amounts of dense text and churn them into some sort of paper, but grad school is like that x 10. I find my routine has already been solidified, though I began my job with the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce this week, so it’s slightly different as of Thursday. I wake up and go to work, come back and read, maybe go for a run, read, go to class, come back and read until it’s time for bed. No matter how much I read in a day I still have hundreds of pages to go. The level of independence in grad school is high, and apart from a few papers or even the occasional take home mid-term, it’s on you to do the work and learn how to be an effect expert in your chosen field.

I haven’t even seen much outside of my neighborhood so far. I’ve been too holed up with studying to explore DC, and though I’d love to use this long weekend to visit downtown or go to a Smithsonian, I have a ticket to the University of Maryland/University of Miami football game on Monday night and need to get as much work done beforehand as possible. The weather is starting to change, and soon enough it will probably be chilly and undesirable outside, but for the time being the weather is very pleasant and it’s a shame that I can’t use my time at my leisure. That’s a difference I’ve already noticed about working life and student life. After working all day in Buenos Aires, I would come home and have that time on my own. Weekends could be dull if I had no plans, but at least they were mine. Now, all I do is hit the books. There is no such thing as free time, and if there is it’s because I’m wasting time.

At the Nationals Stadium, with the Washington Monument in the Background

Last night I took advantage of a sale at American University for $8 tickets to the Washington Nationals vs the New York Mets in the Navy Yard section of Washington and went with an old friend from UMass. The fairly new stadium was pretty empty, but it was a nice ballpark and is actually one of the only few in the country that I’ve visited outside of Boston. The ticket even came with $10 worth of food, drinks or merchandise, and though the Nationals lost, because it was a Friday night they had fireworks after the game. Since I don’t live near a Metro stop I took a long bus home, but was able to pass through Capitol Hill and take in some of the sights. There is one thing to be said about Washington at night: it’s a very pretty atmosphere with the monuments and federal buildings lit up.

This afternoon I’ve been disturbed by Syrian protestors outside of the Russian Embassy. They are chanting for the Russians to stop selling weapons to Syria, but it sounds like after a couple of hours they have quieted down. On schedule for the rest of the day is, yep, reading and reading. Maybe I’ll throw in a movie at the end of the day. It is Saturday after all.


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