Seeing a Bit of DC

13 Sep

The Capitol

This weekend I finally got out of my neighborhood for a bit and was able to see more of Washington DC. On Saturday morning I set out with my friend Ben on a 10.5 mile run down to the Capitol and back. Ben and I are training for the Baltimore Half Marathon in October, and the training regimen called for a 17 kilometer long distance run. We left in the morning to avoid the heat and possible rain, and as we went down through Georgetown, along the Potomac River, and into downtown, we passed some of the key sights of this city. Passing by the crowds at the Lincoln Memorial and World War II Memorial, we jogged down the Mall and towards the steps of the Capitol, turning around and heading back.

By the time we finished the run I was exhausted, but used the afternoon to read before heading back down to Chinatown to pick up my friend Stefi. She’s from Montevideo, Uruguay, but has been traveling through the U.S. for the last month. Washington is one of her last steps before returning home, and she spent the weekend at my place while getting to know the city. Together we went out with Ben and his girlfriend to an improv show on U Street that night. On Sunday we went downtown with all of the security out in force for the 10th anniversary of September 11th and visited the Holocaust Museum.

Inside the Capitol

I needed to get some work done, so I let Stefi take her time in the museum while I sat outside and read. She was in there so long, over two hours, that at one point a guard finally came out and asked me some questions to see what I was doing. It spooked me a bit, but soon Stefi came out and we headed back to rest up before a tour of the Capitol the next morning. After our guided tour we wanted to visited the House of Representatives. Apparently, in order to get in you have to cross the street to get some kind of permission from your state representative, unless you’re a foreigner, because you have no representation. Thus, in order to avoid the unnecessary step of getting permission, I used my Argentinian ID to gain access to the House of Representatives right away. It’s a mind boggling system.

So I’ve now gotten a bit more familiar with this city, even though I continue to visit the same places–namely my apartment, work, and school. Running around the city helps to get more familiar with different streets, and as it gets cooler out I’m sure I’ll wander around more–when the time permits.

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