Open Door Policy

25 Sep

Having lived outside of the country for three years, I’ve been given a special view of the United States now that I’m back. This different outlook won’t last forever, but at least for the first few months, I have noticed certain aspects of our culture that most people probably wouldn’t on a day to day basis. Lately I’ve been picking up on something which I hope isn’t a growing trend among people my age. It seems that slackers and go-getters alike in their 20s are suddenly too busy to open a door with their bare hands and will use an electric button meant for those with handicaps to enter a building.

One night while leaving a class, a fellow student and I headed out of the building together. While I naturally pushed open the door, he hit the metal button and waited a second for the door to open for him. He then went on about how he hates doors and stairs and will never open one or take them unless absolutely necessary. I thought he was kidding and goaded him to explain, so he went on to tell me that, in his opinion, we’ve advanced as a society and shouldn’t have to open doors anymore. In his mind, it was a waste of time and the doors of the world should now automatically slide as you walk by. I would still think it was a joke if he wasn’t dead serious and trying to convince me otherwise.

I told my classmate that he was being ridiculous and there wasn’t any difficulty in opening a door. But this wasn’t an isolated case. As I’ve walked around Washington the last few weeks, I’ve noticed many people hitting the metal buttons and waiting for the doors to automatically open. These are young people who have no physical restraints. Their free arms hang at their side when they should be used to manually push a door open. I find the mindset disturbing, and I wonder how far this kind of stuff will go. Will we expect to having moving walkways where sidewalks once were? How far can we devolve? Are people going to start attaching wheels to their legs to avoid building up a sweat while walking? I hope not.

One Response to “Open Door Policy”

  1. The Travel Chica September 28, 2011 at 8:38 am #

    This is something I don’t understand either. We are becoming so lazy.

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