Ready for the Baltimore Half Marathon

14 Oct

Continuing with my running habit that I picked up in South America, tomorrow I’ll be running in the Baltimore Half Marathon with my old friend Ben from back home. This is 21 kilometers, or 13.1 miles, which is the most I’ve ever run. We’ve come pretty close on our training runs, reaching up to about 17 kilometers, which was no walk in the park. The temperature has cooled down now that we’re in autumn, and it’s supposed to be sunny and crisp tomorrow, so we’ll have a good chance of running to full potential. After training for this race for probably over three months, I’m ready for it to be over already. My body is tired and strained, and training for such a long race is not easy on a normal person.

Today we went into Baltimore to pick up our running kit, containing some coupons, free energy bars, and of course the race shirt. It’s actually a huge day for running in Baltimore, with the Baltimore Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K and relay race. Our race kicks off at 9:45 am, so it’s going to be a 6 am wake up call in order to make it to the starting line on time. After running this half marathon, my running will tone down a bit. Mostly because I probably won’t run such a long distance race again, but also because the weather is getting colder out and the opportunity to run will be more limited. It’s hard enough these days between work and school to get a decent workout in, but we all do what we can. For tomorrow, anyway, it’s all about the running.

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