The Official End of the First Semester

19 Dec

Today at 5 pm my last final was officially due, and even though I emailed it to my professor yesterday afternoon, I can now say that I have officially survived my first semester of grad school. You can tell how much time it took up by the amount of blog posts I did per month. For the last three years I averaged around 20 posts a month, and since starting school I’ve dropped down to around 10 or so. It’s also harder to think of interesting things to write about when your life simply revolves around foreign policy, going to work and school, and studying.

To celebrate the end of the semester, this afternoon I went to hear Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speak at Georgetown University on the U.S. National Plan towards Women, Peace and Security. The Secretary laid out some interesting plans for working with nations to ensure the safety of all genders and security throughout the world. Mrs. Clinton is an excellent public speaker and it seemed as though she was talking to a small group of friends rather than a packed hall with students standing up in the back. In attendance were some dignitaries, including the new President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, who is also the country’s first female president.

Tomorrow I’ll be going for a morning tour of the State Department, followed by my first meeting as President of the US Foreign Policy Association in the afternoon. On Wednesday I’ll be heading home to Boston for a few days to rest up and regroup before leaving for Cuba.

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