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BA Cast: Season 2 Finale

9 Dec

BA Cast

This week is the season finale of Season 2 for BA Cast. This is another slightly-longer episode and ends the season in a nice way. This was a really successful and fun season for the show, and we grew a lot in our material and listener participation. We hope those of you who listened enjoyed it too, and we’ll look forward to providing more material in Season 3. Chau!


BA Cast: The USA: Dan’s Bottom 5 and Fer’s Top 5

3 Dec

BA Cast

This week’s episode of BA Cast is a short featuring Dan’s Bottom 5 things about the United States and Fer’s Top 5 things about the U.S. Since they’re always talking about top and bottom things in Argentina, this week they take a look at it from a difference angle. Listen in to hear what the guys have to say.

BA Cast: Bi-national Relationships

16 Nov

BA Cast

This week’s episode of BA Cast (admittedly late, but hey, it’s tiempo argentino) is a double length show featuring the topic of the month: bi-national couples. The show will be wrapping up Season 2 after this month and we’re happy to say we’ve been continuing to grow and expand as the season has gone on. This episode features some interesting chamullos between English and American expats, and we talk with an expat who lives outside of Buenos Aires in Necochea. Listen in and hear all about it.

BA Cast: Citizens of the World

31 Oct

BA Cast

The new episode of BA Cast is available, and it’s another extended edition that we think you’ll find very interesting. This is the show’s most international episode yet, with interviews with expats from Argentina, Italy, the United States, Nepal, and Mexico. The episode features an interview I conducted with a fellow classmate of mine from Nepal who has been studying in the US for five years, and I also give a short interview at the end of the episode on the differences between Ecuador and Argentina. Hope you enjoy the episode. Oh, and Happy Halloween.

BA Cast: Una Flaca con Saudade en España

23 Oct

BA Cast

This week’s episode of BA Cast is now live, with how to properly use the word “Che” among other things. “Che” is a commonly used word in Argentina, but 99% of the time is has nothing to do with “The Che”, in reference to Ernesto “Che” Guevara. There’s also an interesting expat chat with an Argentine who relocated to Spain a long time ago, and a new addition to the BA Cast team.

BA Cast: The Expat Doves

13 Oct

BA Cast

This week’s episode of BA Cast features a funny intro mocking a nature show, but based on the expats living in Buenos Aires. Dan comes back from a trip to the States and talks about his frustrations on returning to Argentina, and other long term expats give their two cents on living abroad.

BA Cast: The BA Cast Guide to Asado

7 Oct

BA Cast

This week’s episode of BA Cast is a special on the tradition of the Argentine asado, or barbecue. Argentina is already known worldwide for having some of the best steak available, and in this piece, the team talks about the traditions behind eating and grilling with friends. We finish the Laws of Asado and also talk to a famous Argentine food critic, Pietro Sorba. Buen provecho!

BA Cast: Meet the Suegros

3 Oct

BA Cast

The new episode of BA Cast is available, titled Meet the Suegros. This is an extended episode in which we end the month’s topic on educational differences between Argentina and the United States. This episode really has it all and was very well edited by Fernando. We’ve got discussions with numerous folks who have studied in Argentina and the United States, as well as a Paraguayan friend of mine, Sebastian, who is now studying here in Washington, DC. Also, we got a spoof movie trailer on Meet the Parents called Meet the Suegros. You’ll need to listen to the whole episode to catch it all. Plus, we’ve got a great rendition of “Yellow Submarine” with a special Buenos Aires twist.