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BA Cast: Dirty War Special, Part 4 (Final)

2 Apr

This is the last episode of the Dirty War Special from BA Cast. This short piece wraps up the series and explains the demise of the military dictatorship, as well as covering briefly what has happened in Argentina since then.


BA Cast: Dirty War Special, Part 3

31 Mar

You can now listen to Part 3 of BA Cast’s Dirty War Special. This episode continues in explaining the history of the military dictatorship and how Argentine allowed itself to fall into a state of terror in the 1970s and 80s.

BA Cast: Dirty War Special, Part 2

29 Mar

B.A. Cast

Here’s the link for Part 2 of the BA Cast special on the Dirty War. In Part 2 Dan and Fernando interview several guests to get the history leading up to the military dictatorship. If you listen and are familiar with my voice, you’ll notice that I helped out in translating one of the interviews as well. I hope you enjoy it and learn something!

BA Cast: Dirty War Special, Part 1

28 Mar

You can listen to BA Cast’s special on the Dirty War in Argentina, which aired on Thursday in commemoration of the the military dictatorship of the 1980s. This piece is broken into several parts, and this is part 1.

Episode 20 of BA Cast: South of Rivadavia

12 Mar

Episode 20 of BA Cast is now live, with a different topic this week to make you think about gender relations in Argentina. Not only is sexism discussed, but the guys talk about many different English words which are used incorrectly in this country. This is the final episode of Season 1, but the show is hardly going dormant. Every week there will be new content and as they mention at the end of the show, we’re going to have an interesting show on the Dirty War in the following weeks.