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BA Cast Short: What NOT to Say

7 Nov

BA Cast

This week’s episode of BA Cast is a short, and a very useful one at that. This episode will teach you all of the standard Spanish words to unlearn when you visit Argentina, as well as the words that you should know if you go to other Spanish-speaking countries. One example of this is the word “carro” which is used in Spain to say car. However, in Argentina it is more common to hear “auto” or even “coche”. Take a few minutes to listen and learn.


BA Cast Short: Education Technicalities

30 Sep

BA Cast

This week’s episode of BA Cast is a short, as we continue our look at the differences between the educational systems in Argentina and in the United States. We’re coming out very shortly, perhaps over the weekend, with an extended episode with a lot more content that we think you’ll really enjoy. In other news, we’re in the news! About.com has included our podcast as a way to pick up some insider tips on Argentina. Check out the article here.

BA Cast: The Laws of Asado

8 Sep


BA Cast

Episode 8 of Season 2 of BA Cast is now live, featuring our first installment of the Laws of Asado. This piece is a compliment to the highly popular section last season, The Laws of Maté. Likewise, Dan and Fernando talk with “expat of the week” Ian Mount, who recently wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times about how the United States can take a lesson from Argentina on the economy. This article drew a lot of debate in Argentina, though I don’t know how much attention it drew in the U.S. Give the show a listen.

BA Cast: Mandatory Voting in Argentina

18 Aug

BA Cast

You can now listen to Episode 6 of Season 2 of BA Cast. This episode focuses on the recent primary elections in Argentina and an open debate about mandatory voting, not only in Argentina but in other countries as well. It’s an interesting panel discussion that raises some interesting questions, like does mandatory voting force you to be more concerned in politics, or does the freedom to choose serve as a core ideal of democracy? What do you guys think? Also, listen in for an awesome House of Pain remix, voting style.

BA Cast: Episode 5 of Season 2

12 Aug


BA Cast

Episode 5 of Season 2 of BA Cast is now live! In this episode we’ll have an exclusive interview with a journalist from Boston who was a former expat living in Buenos Aires. This episode also features a Top 5 Excuses list in lunfardo, which was originally published on Travel Guy. Listen in and enjoy!

BA Cast: Political Terms and Words in Argentina

5 Aug

BA Cast

This week’s episode of BA Cast is a short focusing on the Spanish Playground of political terms and words in Argentina. This is a really useful tool if you’re visiting or doing research on Argentina and its politics and have no idea what anything means. Often times you’ll find that the same words we use in English are not exactly what the words used in Argentina represent. So listen in to this short piece and learn a few things!

Episode 4 of BA Cast: Pizza Wars

29 Jul

BA Cast

Episode 4 of Season 2 of BA Cast is now live and ready to be listened to. This episode is a “from the street” version focused on Pizza Wars, or discussing the best and possibly worst pizza of Buenos Aires. Several experts helped out on the show and you can listen to some great skits as well. Buen provecho!

Episode 3 of BA Cast is Live!

22 Jul

BA Cast

You can now listen to Episode 3 of BA Cast’s 2nd season. This episode talks about Dia del Amigo, or Friend Day in Argentina, and how it originated. Also, you’ll hear a short interview with me at the end of the episode as Dan and Fer ask me how it feels on returning home and my first impressions on the United States. Give the episode a listen!