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The End is Near!

10 Jul

Just two days left in Argentina now. Wow. On Friday night we celebrated with my going away party in San Telmo, and though I didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone I wanted to see, we had a good time with those who came out and it was a fun evening. Though my friend Amy was delayed two days because of the ash cloud, she arrived yesterday morning and so far we’ve had a lot of fun. It was tough to get a start at first because we were both really tired from the previous nights, but we made our way to the Ecuadorian restaurant in Once, where she was able to relive some of the food she enjoyed back in Quito.

Yesterday was July 9th, the Independence Day for Argentina, and a traditional meal to eat is locro. I’ve had locro before, and though it’s more common to find in the northwestern provinces, my friend Pablo made a batch at his apartment where Amy is staying. It was a quiet and laid back night, which was perfect for me since I was too tired to really do much anyway. I was hoping to take Amy to a bar I used to like going to called El Living, but a dry law went into effect at midnight because of the Buenos Aires mayoral elections taking place today. I would have had to vote, but since my DNI never arrived on time, I’m spared from having to choose the lesser to two evils.

Today is a day of running around like crazy, with a lunch planned with a friend, coffee time with my old neighbor, and then an asado at night. And then tomorrow is finalizing the packing, trying to exchange pesos for dollars, and heading home. That is of course if the ash cloud doesn’t show up.


The Despedida, A Going Away Party for Argentina

8 Jul

Tonight is my despedida, or going away party, and as much as I want to see my friends one last time and share one more drink, I wish it wasn’t the last hurrah. I waved for a while on the date and place, unable to make up my mind and annoyed with the prospect of having to plan some great bash, but in the end chose on a bar in San Telmo called Krakow. I’ve never been there but have been told that it’s cool, and I reserved a private section. The bar has Polish food, various beers, and games to choose from. I’ve started to throw some clothes in my backpack, and this means that it’s real now. In just a few days I’ll be going back to the United States.

It’s so weird that it’s now my turn again for this. For the last two years (three including Ecuador) I’ve gone to countless of going away parties and deleted untold numbers of digits from my cell phone. Friends came and went, and now once again it’s my turn to go. I don’t like being the center of attention and so a despedida isn’t my style exactly, but it’s the easiest way to say goodbye to everyone without running all over town. As it is, I’ve been keeping fairly busy the last couple of days here, and I’m still overwhelmed by what I have to do before leaving. One potential issue that just came up is that this weekend is a dry weekend because of the mayoral elections on Sunday. No one is really sure if the dry law goes into effect tonight or tomorrow, however, so for the moment it hangs up in the balance.

It’s going to be another bittersweet moment for me, and I just hope all of my friends here know that I’ll never forget them and will definitely come back one day. It just depends on how long it will be.