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BA Cast: The BA Cast Guide to Asado

7 Oct

BA Cast

This week’s episode of BA Cast is a special on the tradition of the Argentine asado, or barbecue. Argentina is already known worldwide for having some of the best steak available, and in this piece, the team talks about the traditions behind eating and grilling with friends. We finish the Laws of Asado and also talk to a famous Argentine food critic, Pietro Sorba. Buen provecho!


BA Cast: Dirty War Special, Part 4 (Final)

2 Apr

This is the last episode of the Dirty War Special from BA Cast. This short piece wraps up the series and explains the demise of the military dictatorship, as well as covering briefly what has happened in Argentina since then.

BA Cast: Dirty War Special, Part 3

31 Mar

You can now listen to Part 3 of BA Cast’s Dirty War Special. This episode continues in explaining the history of the military dictatorship and how Argentine allowed itself to fall into a state of terror in the 1970s and 80s.

BA Cast: Dirty War Special, Part 2

29 Mar

B.A. Cast

Here’s the link for Part 2 of the BA Cast special on the Dirty War. In Part 2 Dan and Fernando interview several guests to get the history leading up to the military dictatorship. If you listen and are familiar with my voice, you’ll notice that I helped out in translating one of the interviews as well. I hope you enjoy it and learn something!

BA Cast: Dirty War Special, Part 1

28 Mar

You can listen to BA Cast’s special on the Dirty War in Argentina, which aired on Thursday in commemoration of the the military dictatorship of the 1980s. This piece is broken into several parts, and this is part 1.

BA Cast Short: Irish Argentinos

18 Mar

A new BA Cast Short has been released, this week featuring a special for St. Patrick’s Day. The topic of discussion is of course Irish influence in Argentina, and if you listen you’ll learn some really interesting facts about the Irish here. For example, did you know that about 500,000 Argentinians can trace their roots to the Emerald Isle? One of the most famous is Che Guevara.

Episode 19 of BA Cast is Live!

3 Mar

Episode 19 of BA Cast is now live and available to download or listen to streaming from the Web site! This week’s episode talks about the delicious drink Fernet, which is highly popular in Argentina. Fernando and Dan also discuss the education systems in Argentina and the United States, while leaving a big announcement for the end of the show. I won’t ruin it for you, so you’ll just have to listen. Spoiler alert: Since it’s a podcast, you can just fast forward to the end if you desperately need to know what the news is.

BA Cast Short: Movidito Top 5

25 Feb

This week’s episode of BA Cast is a short featuring five different cumbia songs from Argentina. The main topic in these songs is women, but unless you’re a native Spanish speaker you probably won’t understand most of it anyway. Enjoy some new music!