Why Travel Guy?

The Name “Travel Guy”

You might think of “Travel Guy” as a very bland, cliche, or even unoriginal name for a blog. And honestly, if I wasn’t the guy we’re talking about I would have to agree. But there’s a back story to it, and I want you to understand it. In one sense, I am one of the only guys from my group of friends that does serious traveling. I was the only one of my college buddies to study abroad, and while they were all Sports Management majors, I was the guy who did writing and traveling. I was the “travel guy” in the group.

The other, perhaps more accurate reason, is because of Bill Simmons. Simmons is a very popular columnist for ESPN.com and has for years entertained me with his witty and “right on” articles. As a freshman in college, majoring in History, I knew there was something else I wanted to be doing. I would read Simmons columns and think, “Man, I wish I could write like that.” I had considered writing in high school, but never really pursued it. And then I thought, what the hell. Simmons started off small, why couldn’t I? Simmons helped push me into a field of writing simply by showing how entertaining a good writer could be. And I can’t forget that one time he actually published my question on his weekly mail bag. That was one of the highlights of my young life, to have my favorite writer acknowledge my existence.

I turned things in a different direction from that point, adding Journalism as a double major and writing a column for the school paper. Of course, my writing wasn’t nearly as polished as his, and I soon realized that while I like sports, I could never write about it because I simply didn’t know enough. Liking something doesn’t make you an expert. Then as a senior taking a multimedia journalism class, I had to start a blog, this same one. “Well, what do I know?” I thought. Travel. That was something that I could definitely claim to know a thing or two about. By that point I’d already studied abroad and traveled all over Europe independently.

So what to call the blog? Simmons page, and his own moniker, is “The Sports Guy.” I wanted to pay homage to the man who got me into writing. And thus, Travel Guy was born.

What I Offer You

I make no attempt to fool you into thinking that I am a savvy, know it all traveler. I have been ripped off by Eastern European cops, stranded in bus terminals and run for my life to jump on a train about to leave with a 50 pound backpack on. And yes, my bus was hijacked the first week I was in Ecuador. However, this is an honest and straightforward look at a person who doesn’t think of traveling as a chore or job, but a passion. By this point, it’s more of an expat blog tracking my life here in Buenos Aires, but the influence of a traveler is there just the same.

Sometimes you might find a blog about a weekend trip, or a photo gallery from an event, or maybe even a video has been mixed together. Maybe a random little vent session about how the bureaucracy in Latin America has broken my impatience. Or even a seemingly pointless post about what I just made for dinner. It’s all there because it’s all relevant in some way. This is what we do as expats and travelers, and this is how we share our experiences.

These stories will always be real, always been thoughtful, and always aspire to create interest in travel. I honestly believe that if we all traveled more there would be a stronger bond throughout the world, which, I believe, would solve many problems that I have seen.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that it one day inspires you do so something you’ve often thought of. And maybe one day you too will create a blog in tribute.


2 Responses to “Why Travel Guy?”

  1. Amy July 7, 2011 at 4:26 pm #

    Travel Guy, eh? I’d have called my blog Word Guy, but hey.

    • Jon July 8, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

      Classic Amy Lyon. I think Word Guy was already taken.

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